Dishwasher Door Panels, Stainless, Replacement Set of 2


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The RiversEdge Products replacement Dishwasher Door Panel Set includes two pieces of polished stainless steel cut to the standard dimensions of todays under-counter dishwashers.

This set is perfect for a pleasant upgrade to old, scratched door panels at the fraction of the cost of total replacement.

Your existing panels are usually held in by trim pieces, so no adhesive is required. Please double-check your panel sizes before ordering.

Also note: these are FLAT panels that replace the existing FLAT panels in your door and kick plate.

Thank you for buying American-made products.

  • “AFTERMARKET” replacement stainless dishwasher door panel set
  • Panels are cut to size. You need to tell us the exact measurements
  • Most panels are around 19″ x 23″ and 3″ x 23″
  • Your order will not be processed without your dimensions
  • Type 430 polished stainless steel with PVC protective liner
  • Gives your dishwasher an immediate upgrade
  • These flat panels slip inside the trim of your door and kick plate.

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 24 × 1 in


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