Foot Stool, Wood, Work Harden 19″x21″x8″ with Safety Strips


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The RiversEdge Products Foot Stool is a handy accessory for your work-hardening activities.

The foot stool come completely assembled and ready to use. It is made from 3/4″ Birch Veneer plywood and has a clear poly coating for durability.

The Model 13.400 is the largest size in a series of four foot stools that nest together for convenient storage.

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  • Large surface, stable footstool for work hardening
  • Made from 3/4″ birch veneer wood
  • Safety-grip strips
  • Nestable with 3 other Ideal footstools
  • 19″ x 21″ x 8″ high

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Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 20 × 9 in


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